Crime rates in NYC and how to stay safe

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crime rates in new york city 2021

So… you decided to move to the big apple, say goodbye to mom and dad and try it out in the big world… Mazal Tov! I remember my moving into NYC, what an amazing feeling! The people, the music, the food, the museums… Yes, it’s all yours for the taking! People say NYC is a jungle, an urban jungle perhaps yet a jungle. Like any jungle it can be vivid, exciting, exotic and alive but it can be dangerous as well – if you don’t know the law of the land… so let’s take a look at some basic facts and ground rules that will help you (and mom) feel and be safer.

Between 2000 and 2014 there’s been continues decrease in crime rates in NY state and NYC in particular that averages about 2% a year (!). statistics shows that the biggest decrease in rates was in the burglaries category – from 37,112 reported incidents in 2000 to 15,233 in 2014, a 65% change! These are definitely good news to homeowners and tenants who reside in the city, yet there’s still room for being alert and stay safe.

Burglaries per 100.000 population:

Burglaries per 100,000 population
Burglaries per 100,000 population

So, how do you make sure this adventure doesn’t go sideways?

The first and most important thing that you should do when you move into the city is get familiar with your area, neighborhood and street. Get to know the busy spots, the less lightened streets or allies, the nearest public place- like a restaurant or a bar, and the safest way from the subway station to your home. Awareness is a key to being prepared and also feeling safer.

Like any other city, some areas in NY are safer than others – keep that in mind when looking for an apt. Here is a link to NYPS’s crime map of NYC:

If you live in one of the High Crime Rate areas, we suggest to get a small means of protection like pepper spray, stun gun, etc. Better safe than sorry.

When walking at night, try to stay close to other people walking the street. If you ae alone, talking on the phone is always a good idea since criminals might be afraid that the person on the other side of the line will alarm the police.

When it comes to your own apt. there are couple of things a locksmith can help you with in order to improve your security, protect your belongings and keep the bad guys out:

1. Make sure when you move in to replace a cylinder on your door – who knows who has a key to the old lock!

2. Get a high security lock instead of a regular cylinder – regular cylinder are very easy to brake, with 100’s of how-to-open locks videos on line, it’s not too safe… a high security lock will make a burglar work 10 times harder!

3. Install a top lock on your door – Are you familiar with the phrase 2 are better than 1? Well, it’s true! A deadbolt is a strong lock that will make sure your door won’t be busted and make any burglar thin twice before they try and get into your apt.

4. Make sure your windows are protected – 1st floor apt. are very accessible if there are no bars on the windows…

Of course you also need to remember to lock the door behind you when you leave the house, but we hope you already know that one!

So, for conclusion, The NY Locksmith welcomes you to the city that never sleeps, and would be happy to help you sleep better at nights. Give us a call any time at 646-981-7048 and we will come right away to make sure you can feel safe and enjoy this amazing place to the full extent!

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