Access Control System Installations
in New York City & Brooklyn

The NY Locksmith Helps Businesses and Property Managers
Secure and Regulate Access to their Building Entrances, Exits and Specific Areas

If you own a business or manage a multi unit apartment or commercial building in New York City that needs restricted access for tenants or employees, a modern access control system is must have. The NY Locksmith is a NYC licensed and certified security integrator of some of the biggest brands and most advanced technology out in the market today.   

Contact us to speak with one of our access control security experts who can help you evaluate your properties current security needs as well as future proof safety and protection for your facility.    

Physical security and access control have become increasingly important over the past several years and the industry has seen a lot of growth and innovation. Much of this growth and innovation has been driven by organizations looking for solutions that offer more enhanced features, better security, and increased flexibility of the buildings visitor flow. 

The NY Locksmith offers many different access control systems for residential buildings, commercial and industrial properties. giving management the options to allow and restrict access to those based on remote access smart locks, smartphone credentials, biometric scanning, key fobs, ID badges/ swipe cards, or by entering code to keypad entry system.

Cloud Based Access Control Systems

cloud based access control systems
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A Safer Environment with Mobile Credentials.


of employees use their smartphone in the workplace


of companies used mobile access control by the start of 2021


of employees see traditional access control as a constraint

mobile access control

Mobile Credentials

Why is having an integrated access control system important?

Your business needs access control if you have employees, suppliers or other visitors and you want to control the entrant’s access in a certain location, room, area or site, or limit that access to certain times or days.

Preventing unauthorized access to a site helps protect your people, property and assets from damage or theft. Additionally, it may also act as a safety measure, preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or equipment.

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Grant OR Revoke Access From The Convenience Of Your Phone OR Computer

The NY Locksmith installs online access control management systems, that makes building security simpler than ever before. With a user friendly dashboard, you can set security permissions with the push of a button, or review historical data, such as access records for secure areas and building entry and exit logs, ensuring that you’re always in-the-know.

The Advantages of an Access Control System

Access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, badging systems, visitor management systems, identity management systems (HR) and more, providing improved efficiencies and enhanced security throughout your security systems platform.

Customize Access

Limit and personalize access to restricted areas to only a few people and grant temporary access to visitors. 

Eliminate Key Management

Avoid the pain of issuing new keys or changing locks when you need to limit or grant access to tenants or employees.

Gain Insight

visitor management access control log reports that show who’s entering and exiting at all times from wherever you are – whether remote or on-site.

Prioritize Your Business

Let us install both your system and management software, so you can concentrate on what matters most: your business.

Easy Integrations

Integrate with other security systems, such as intrusion, video surveillance, HR databases, badging, visitor entry systems and more.

Maintain Health & Safety

Enhance your access control system with touch-free to maintain a healthy environment for your employees and visitors.

access control solutions

Custom Access Control Solutions that Meet Your Building's Needs at a Competitive Price

Our business security experts can design the perfect access control and remote access management solution for your building or business, and provide you with a transparent, clearly explained written estimate.

Our professionally designed access control systems will help you to protect your buildings, assets and create a safe environment for tenants, employees and visitors.