Video Surveillance Camera Systems
in New York City & Brooklyn

Protect your NYC home or business from theft, vandalism and intruders with our comprehensive video surveillance and CCTV systems.

If you are committed to enhancing the safety and quality of life of your New York City area residence or business, you need to consider integrating connected security solutions with today’s modern technology. An important component of a comprehensive security plan is the utilization of a video surveillance camera system in certain vulnerable areas. This will serve to deter crime give peace of mind and help in safeguarding your home’s or business’s security, assets and property.   

Especially for a business or residential apartment buildings video surveillance system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. Whether you manage one location or dozens, an effective video surveillance system can serve as a crime deterrent – as well as provide key insights on your business.  

Choosing the right video surveillance system for your personal home or business can be challenging when you don’t know what to look for, but our experts at The NY Locksmith can help. From traditional local video surveillance, a variety of cameras, DVR and NVR recorders to IP systems and cloud-based storage options, The NY Locksmith can setup, and install the right video system for your specific needs and budget. 

All systems can be customized to your exact requirements and no project is too big or too small!

Video Surveillance Solutions

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Our security experts review the layout of your home, multi-unit apertment building or commercial business location before strategically installing security cameras at vulnerable locations, ensuring that you can record and capture emergency situations if and when they occur. Once installed, our installer technicians provide training on how to use the systems so that you can get the most out of your security system. We’re proud to offer cutting-edge equipment, backed by decades of customer service experience that you can count on.

Video Encoder Solutions

If you currently have an existing analog-based system, we can help you transition to IP-based camera systems. 

What are the different types of security cameras and what is best for me?

Network cameras cover a variety of needs, from robust outdoor cameras for harsh climates to more discreet products. The cameras we install can provide several capabilities, including HDTV, wide dynamic range, infrared and light finder. 

  • Fixed dome cameras – discreet and non-intrusive, highly resistant to vandalism, and the popular choice for many hotels, restaurants and retail stores
  • HD and megapixel network cameras – effective, reliable and cost-efficient
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras – wide area coverage, ideal for larger facilities 
  • Fixed bullet cameras – high-resolution cameras with de-warping technology
  • Fixed network cameras – once it’s mounted, it has a fixed viewing direction

Access Live Video Footage and Save Files From Anywhere

Simple and seamless remote access live security camera footage is viewable from desktop and mobile devices.  No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can view live cloud video, search historic video, adjust camera settings, email videos, and more..

The Advantages of an Video Surveillance System

Access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, badging systems, visitor management systems, identity management systems (HR) and more, providing improved efficiencies and enhanced security throughout your security systems platform.

Reduce Theft

A video surveillance system can help reduce business loss due to theft or vandalism by preventing incidents from occurring. 

Enhance Safety

Create a safer environment for your staff, tenants, customers and visitors with video surveillance.

Gain Insights

Gain visibility into what’s happening at your business, which provides you with better information and improved security.

Improve Operations

Leverage the video data and insights you gather from video surveillance to help increase operational efficiencies.

Recieve Alerts

Motion detection in your security cameras will send you real-time notifications, so you can see what’s happening when you’re not present.

Document Events

Access video, images and long-term archives of your video footage for increased visibility into security events.

Integrated Scalable Security Solutions Custom Designed that Meet Your home or buildings Need

Our security camera system is designed to meet the needs of a home or facility of any size large or small, or businesses with multiple locations. The NY Locksmith security technicians will consult with you and then design and install a system that allows you to realize the benefits of a comprehensive home or business security camera system.

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Our professionally designed security camera systems will help you to protect your buildings, assets and create a safe environment for tenants, employees and visitors.