Audio/ Video intercom System Installations in NYC & Brooklyn

The NY Locksmith Helps NYC area Homeowners, Businesses and Property Managers by Installing Effective and Easy to Use Smart IP Intercom Systems Solutions

Would you like to enhance the security and communication capabilities of your home, office or business with a modern intercom system? Audio & video intercoms are powerful security solutions for businesses, commercial and residential multi-unit  properties.   Intercom systems allow for two way communication between the person inside the building and the person wanting to enter. Homeowners, tenants or management can quickly and easily identify visitors before granting them entry into their building. Room to Room intercoms can monitor a child’s room remotely, or stay in touch with a sick family member in another room. 

The NY Locksmith is a NYC licensed and certified security integrator of some of the most leading intercom manufacturing brands on the market today. The NY Locksmith provides complete end-to-end services including system configuration, installation, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of wired and wireless intercom systems.

The NY Locksmith offers many different intercom solutions including Intercom Systems, Single Family Intercom, Multi-Tenant Apartment Intercoms, Commercial office intercoms, Audio intercoms, Video Intercom systems, Hands-Free Monitor, Touch Screen Devices, Phone Directory Intercoms, IP Intercoms, Intercom Repair and Intercom Upgrade.

Intercom Repairs

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Intercom Upgrades

Multi-Tenant Apartment Intercoms

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IP Video Intercom Systems

Wired VS Wireless Intercom Systems: Which is Best?

Wired or wireless intercom systems? The choice is yours. Offering the same functionality, they differ only in the installation and connectivity method.

The NY Locksmith specializes in designing and installing both types while offering a wide range of options for both wired and wireless intercom systems. Some recommendations include:

  • Connect your intercom directly to the internet
  • Avoid a system that requires building wiring and apartment unit hardware
  • Pick an intercom system that makes video calls to smartphones

Single User Intercom Systems

Single User or Single tenant intercom system usually consists of 1-2 door bells or entrance panels and 1-4 indoor monitors. These systems serve best Single family homes or business operators who do not have an intercom as part of the facility they work in.

single user intercom systems

The Advantages of an Intercom System For a Building

Added Security

Intercoms are a vital layer of security that lets staff and tenants control who enters the building. They give tenants peace of mind that anyone who visits the property has been vetted and authorized.

Enable package deliveries

Package management is a huge pain point for property staff. With an intercom in your building, staff and tenants can grant seamless property access to couriers. Some intercoms also connect with solutions like package lockers and package rooms.

More Seamless Communication

Multi-tenant properties need a way to communicate with visitors and grant them property access. An intercom is the best solution to achieve this.

Added Convenience

Modern tenants want convenience. Don’t make them go downstairs to open the front door for guests — let them grant remote property access with an intercom.

Increase tenant satisfaction

The security and convenience an intercom brings to your building will help shape a positive experience and keep your building tenants year after year.

Instant Control

Discourage unwanted guests through integrated access control, video intercoms, and visitor management.  

Custom Intercom System Installation and Repair Services that Meet Your Building's Needs at a Competitive Price

From design to installation to support, repair and maintenance, The NY Locksmith is a highly rated and trusted security installer for complete intercom system solutions and services, guaranteed to meet your requirements. and we can provide you with a transparent, clearly explained written estimates.

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Our professionally designed intercom systems will help you to protect your buildings, increase visitor communication and create a safe environment for tenants, employees and visitors.