High-Sec Locks – Should you get one?

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high security locks are they worth

When time has come for you to change your home/apartment lock for whichever reason it is – broken lock/ lost keys/ moving to a new apartment, your locksmith might offer you a high security lock or a cylinder to replace your existing one. For some people this is a no brainer since budget is not an issue but for most of us it is (high-sec locks can be twice and sometimes triple the price of a regular lock). So I decided to explain what a high security lock is and why I usually recommend it to my customers, even for the extra dollar.

What is a High security lock?

A high security lock can be a whole mechanism or a cylinder only that has a higher grade of resistance to burglary, tempering or forced entry, than a regular basic lock.

What are the main differences between a High security lock and a regular one?

Regular 5 pin cylinder
  1. Most basic locks have a 5-6 vertical pins that align together once you enter your key in it and allow you to twist the plug and engage the lock’s mechanism. This system is very easy to manipulate by different techniques (picking, bump-key, etc.) and therefor not considered safe, High security cylinders on the other hand can have a system of up to 10 pins with a combination of vertical and side pins, electronic chips, floating pins and other elements that together make it harder to manipulate the system.
  2. While basic locks are usually made of light materials, High security locks are usually made out of hardened metals, providing better security from forced entry and tempering. Some high security locks are almost un-drillable thanks for their heavy steel coating.
  3. Today most high security locks come with a coded card that is used in the key duplicating process. This system was put in place in order to prevent from non-authorized people to make copies of your keys. So let’s say you gave your dog-walker a copy of your key – when you get it back from them you know that there are no other copies of your keys that are not accounted for! That’s a lot of peace of mind!
  4. Quality over time – with most High security locks you can rest a sure that the lock will work smooth for many years since they are usually made of high quality materials.
High Security cylinder

What are the leading High security locks brands?

The truth is that most locks manufacturers have different locks with different safety features and grades but few companies make High security locks by definition, here are the ones we recommend:

Mul-T-Lock vs Medeco
  1. Medeco – an American company known for its high quality and high security locks. Medeco offers all types of cylinders – mortise and rim, as well as deadbolts. Medeco’s top rated technology is the M3 and CLIQ.
  2. Mul-T-Lock – an Israeli company specializing in high security doors, locks and solutions. This manufacturer offers dead-bolts, cylinders, key-in-knobs and others. Mul-T-Lock’s highest technology is the MT5+.

To conclude, even though a High Sec lock doesn’t mean your home is %100 safe, it will be much safer with Hish sec locks. We recommend at least 1 High sec lock per door. We believe that the safety of your family and your peace of mind is absolutely worth the extra investment.

Hope you guys find this information helpful, and don’t forget – if you have any questions – just call us and ask!

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