Door Buzzer & Wireless Video Doorbell System Installations in NYC & Brooklyn

The NY Locksmith offers many cost effective solutions for door entry buzzer systems and wireless doorbells.

One easy way to safeguard your against property theft, home invasion, porch pirates, and even unwanted solicitors is to identify who is at your doorstep before opening the door.  Recently video doorbell buzzer systems have become a popular, first line of defense for homeowners that not only lets you see and speak with the person outside, but also records footage of visitors that approach your door while you’re away or unable to answer. The NY Locksmith offers a wide variety of door buzzer solutions and products for New York City local businesses and residential buildings alike, including wireless and video camera door bells, magnetic locks, electric strikes, motion sensors, door timers, remote door opening – we have it all and we will be happy to custom design a system for you!  

Is your building’s buzzer not working? Intercom not working? Doorbell not working? Can’t hear the buzzer in your apartment? Can’t buzz the door? These are all common questions and problems that we hear we at The NY Locksmith and we would be happy to help you fix the issue. Are you looking to upgrade to a more advanced apartment building entry system? Sounds like it’s might be time to replace your door entry buzzer.  Contact us to a free estimate today. 

Door Entry Buzzer Systems for Residential Buildings

Residential buildings in NY usually have a door buzzer system on their front doors. The door buzzer is connected to the intercom system and lets tenants release the door (“buzz the door”) and let people in. Usually this is controlled by Magnetic lock, Electric strikes, locks or bolts on the door’s hardware. We have experience repairing and installing many types of door entry systems. We install:

Are you looking to repair or replace your door buzzer?
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Door Buzzers for Business

Door buzzer system on your retail storefront, can prevent burglars from coming in. Access control system in your warehouse facility can help you monitor which employees come and go between the different areas.

Secure your Building's Entrance Using A Magnetic Lock System

As most residential buildings in Brooklyn and the rest of NYC work with an electric strike device, adding a magnetic lock as a second locking device can be the ultimate solution to prevent break-ins.

Adding a magnetic lock to your door will lock the door with additional 600/1200/1500lbs of force, right at the top of the door, making it impossible to “jimmy” the door lock and making it extremely difficult to force the door open. 

Wired and Wireless Video Doorbell Systems

Answer your door anywhere. With a DoorBird video door intercom buzzer you will never miss a visitor. More than just a door entry intercom. Get a notification on your smartphone when the doorbell button is pressed. You can see your visitors, talk to them and open the door – from anywhere in the world – via smartphone and tablet.

wireless video doorbell systems

Secure, convenient, and affordable property access solutions

We invite you to contact our doorbell experts for more information about our installation, upgrade, and repair services for office, business and apartment building door lock and buzzer intercom systems.

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Our professionally designed doorbell entry systems will help you to protect your buildings, assets and create a safe environment for tenants, employees and visitors.