Security cameras - Analog VS IP

When considering a SECURITY CAMERAS SYSTEM we believe it's all about quality. Of course a lot of times we need to work in according to the customers budget but I believe that the quality of video you get is not something to compromise about. In this article I'll explain without too many boring technical terms what the differences between Analog Cameras and IP Cameras are and why we always recommend to install IP CAMERAS.

1. Quality of picture - Without any doubt the quality of IP CAMERAS picture will always be greater than Analog Cameras. IP cameras can provide for brighter, sharper and bigger more detailed picture than Analog cameras.

2. Smart features - Because in IP Cameras the picture processing is done in the cameras digitally you can use features like Face Recognition Alert, Digital Zoom and many more.

3. DVR vs NVR - Analog Cameras are connected to a Digital Video Recorder while IP Cams are connected to a Network Video Recorder. Both perform the duty of recording the video received from the cameras. The DVR will also process the video meaning limits you again with the video quality. NVR has better network options and will give you easier remote access and better quality when viewing remotely.

4. Cabling - Easier installation for IP Cams since we use only one Cat5 cable comparing to Coax + Power supply cables for Analog Cams.

5. Scalability - While Analog cameras have to be connected directly to a DVR, IP Cameras can be connected to switches. This means that if you want to expend your SECURITY SYSTEM and have more cameras all you need to do is connect them to a switch and connect the switch to the NVR with a single cable.


IP Cameras are our big winners on any scale and by far. Quality, performance and future consideration make it an easier decision. True, they might be more expensive than Analog cameras - but it's worth the investment.

IP Cameras are the future while Analog cameras are the past. If someone is trying to sell you an Analog cameras set send them back to the Stone Age and give us a call.

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