Locksmith Services

In New York City Locksmiths play an important roll in everybody's life - we want you to have the best possible experience - even under some not so good circumstances! 

The NY Locksmith offers professional locksmith services for both COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL customers. Everything from changing a lock to installing emergency exit devices - we can do it! Let us be your go-to locksmith and you won't regret it!

Commercial Locksmithing

Commercial clients can enjoy the certainty of getting the most PROFESSIONAL services at AFFORDABLE PRICES, so your business can continue and thrive even when spending needs to be done.

Our Commercial Services portfolio includes countless jobs in offices, stores, warehouses, churches, bars and restaurants, so we have seen it all! There's no lock we didn't install and no situation we couldn't find a solution to. Panic Bars, Emergency Exits, Electric Strikes, Gates, Glass Door Locks, Levers... What ever it is you need, The NY Locksmith will provide it!

Commercial Application locks

Combination locks

Narrow Style Doors

Popular enrty mechanisem for store fronts/offices. comes with latch/hook/bolt.

Great solution for stores' restrooms or storage units. can be programmed with 100 user codes.

Exit Devices

Panic Bars

Panic bars are requiered by code for emergency exit doors but have other applications as well. diferent models have different features. 

Detex Alarm Bars

Detex devices are very useful on roof tops doors, emergency exits, etc. when pushed to open, the device will sound a loud alarm that can be turned off using a specifed key.

Residtential Locksmithing

Moving in? Heard about a break in in the next door building? Not a problem! Let us help you feel more safe so you can go about your day! Same day service includes Lock Changes, Rekey, Fresh Lock Installations, High Security Lock Solutions and much more.

Standard Cylinders

Weather you lost a key or you are trying to keep a crazy ex out, a new cylinder will get you fresh keys and zero worries.

Mortise Bottom Locks

An all time NY favorite. High Standard bottom lock with an elegant look Latch+bolt+slam lock.

Jimmy + High Sec. Cylinder

Combine a Pick-proof cylinder with a forced-entry-proof deadbolt and you get security at it's best.

Multi Lock Tubular Deadbolt 

Top of the line high security dead bolt that will make burglars run and hide. This is the Real Deal - Pick/Bump proof, solid and heavy duty.

Bedroom Door Knob - $99

Simple soltion for roomates situations, privet rooms/office etc.

*Add $50 for a fresh door installation.

Multi Lock Cylinder - $139

A High Security Laser Cut cylinder that is very hard to pick or by-pass. This little bad boy will keep your belongings where they should be.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt 

Extra security at the strongest part of the door. The Jimmy is strong, durable and reliable and thats why everybody loves it.

Tubular Deadbolt 

In use mostly in newer houses and is favorable for its more elegant look and ease of use.

Multi Lock Cylinder 

A High Security Laser Cut cylinder that is very hard to pick or by-pass. This little bad boy will keep your belongings where they should be.

Bedroom Door Knob 

Simple solution for roommates situations, privet rooms/office etc.


Smart locks - The Future Of Home Access


When security and technology combined we get a safer, smarter and more efficient result. The convinence of not having to look for your key in your pockets or purse, the peace of mind of knowing who entered your house and the end of era of lockout situations are just some of the advantages of a smart lock. The futuristic look is a bonus!

Haven - The Stronger And Smarter Home Lock


Featured on Kickstarter.com Haven is re-inventing home protection. Unlike deadbolts Haven is anchored at the strongest point of the door, inside at the base, eliminating burglars ability to pick or drill the lock and protecting your door from forced entry.

Keyless Entry, Digital Key Sharing and Wireless Control through your smart phone are some of the smart features of Haven.


The NY Locksmith will be proud to offer Haven to our customers starting Feb 2016 at $249 + installation fee.

Kevo - A Smart Deadbolt for Easy And Safe Entry


Kwikset's Kevo is the smart version of their well knowen Digital Deadbolts, offering a smart wireless connectivity and features like keyless entry, without compromising on safety and reliability standarts.


Keep your phone in your pocket or purse. No more fumbling for your keys... just touch the lock to open for the ultimate in convenience.


Price: $219.99 + Installation and set up fee.

August - Elegancy, Security and Efficiancy


Functioning like a deadbolt lock and offering a very elegant look with few color choices, The August Smart Lock provides intelligent, secure access to your home.


Control who can enter and who can’t - without the need for keys or codes. And you can do it all from your smartphone.


Price: $249.99 + installation and set up fee.

Fast Professional And Guranteed Installation


The NY Locksmith team will be happy to assist you with installation and set up of every other smart lock or home automation system even when you dont purchase it through us! just give as a call and get your quote over the phone.


*The NY Locksmith will gurantee all labor but will not gurantee quality of these products. with Quality issues or concerns customers should address the manufacturer of the hardware. With all smart locks all sales are final, no returns or refunds are available.

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