Flat Rates and Services

You are a phone call away from getting your peace of mind and not in the cost of an arm and a leg.

With The NY Locksmith you know exactly what you gonna get and exactly how much it will cost you, and that's a perfect recipee for hustle proof business on your side and providing honest and reliable service on our side.


All prices quoted blow include labor but do not include taxes.

After Business Hours services (after 5pm) subject to an After Hours Fee of $65.

Standard Cylinder - $79

Weather you lost a key or you are trying to keep a crazy ex out, a new cylinder will get you fresh keys and zero worries.

Multi Lock Cylinder - $139

A High Security Laser Cut cylinder that is very hard to pick or by-pass. This little bad boy will keep your belongings where they should be.

Mortis Bottom Lock - $249

An all time NY favourite. High Standard bottom lock with an elegant look Latch+bolt+slam lock.

*Add $50 for a fresh door installation.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolt - $169

Extra security at the strongest part of the door. The Jimmy is strong, durable and reliable and thats why everybody loves it.

*Add $50 for a fresh door installation.

Jimmy + Multi Lock - $269

Combine a Pick-proof cylinder with a forced-entry-proof deadbolt and you get security at it's best.

*Add $50 for a fresh door installation.

Tubular Deadbolt - $149

In use mostly in newer houses and is favourable for its more elegant look and comfortability.

*Add $50 for a fresh door installation.

Multi Lock Tubular Deadbolt - $359

Top of the line high security dead bolt that will make burglars run and hide. This is the Real Deal - Pick/Bump proof, solid and heavy duty.

Bedroom Door Knob - $99

Simple soltion for roomates situations, privet rooms/office etc.

*Add $50 for a fresh door installation.



Standard Cylinder - $89

Slammed lock your self outside? lost the key on the way home? Say no more... Just $89 and you are back in your PJs and Slippers.

High Sec. Locks - $129

With high security locks, it might get a bit more complicated... but don't worry, there's no lock that will keep us from getting you inside!

Top And Bottom Locks Special - $169

If you are an extra carefull person, like me, you should not pay extra for it! thats why I got the 2 locks special for an extra cheap price.

The Bedroom Lockout - $79

Got a standard bedroom doorknob? I'll get you back on track in a matter of minutes without you having to break the piggy-bank!