Commercial Services

Commercial clients can enjoy the certainty of getting the most PROFESSIONAL services at AFFORDABLE PRICES, so your business can continue and thrive even when spending needs to be done.

Our Commercial Services portfolio includes countless jobs in offices, stores, warehouses, churches, bars and restaurants, so we have seen it all! There's no lock we didn't install and no situation we couldn't find a solution to. Panic Bars, Emergency Exits, Electric Strikes, Gates, Glass Door Locks, Levers... What ever it is you need, The NY Locksmith will provide it!


Businesses with continues need of locksmith service can apply for Credit Account.Contact us for more info.

Commercial Application locks

Kaba E-plex 2000

Passage Control with up to 99 programable entry codes, managers code and a programer code.

Adams Rite

Popular enrty mechanisem for store fronts/offices. comes with latch/hook/bolt.

Exit Devices

Panic Bars

Panic bars are requiered by code for emergency exit doors but have other applications as well. diferent models have different features. 

Detex Alarm Bars

Detex devices are very useful on roof tops doors, emergency exits, etc. when pushed to open, the device will sound a loud alarm that can be turned off using a specifed key.