Comelit VIP Intercom system – love at first sight!

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comelit VIP intercom system review

2 months ago I was invited to a workshop with Comelit’s reps here in NY, Comelit is a well-known Intercom systems manufacturer based in Italy who built a big name for itself in the US. Obviously since I am always happy to learn about new tech I took my clip board and a pen, and joined the event.

This 2 hours event introduced us to the new VIP system by Comelit and explained all its highlights, features and advantages, and indeed I was impressed by this new tech so much… but it was really my first VIP installation that got me %110 sold!

So what is the VIP system? A Video management solution that is using Internet Protocol to allow you to interact with it from ANYWHERE using your home monitor/tablet/cellphone, as long as you have internet access! All the system components are running on Cat5 (network) cables and is connected to the local internet connection. It logs your video calls, sends alerts, talks to your security cameras, forward calls to your cell phone, lets you video chat with other users on the same network, and much more!

An internet based Intercom is not a new idea but Comelit perfected it. The variety of different devices you can choose from – entry panels and indoor monitors, is amazing, and affordable! You even have the option of vandal proof hardware that can make the difference when you live in a rough neighborhood.

On the installation side, this system is very simple to install and easy to configure. You can literally connect endless amount of users on the same system, using 1 Cat5 cable only! And when it comes to first time setup and configuration the guys from Comelit are very helpful!

So, to summarize it up, this system gets 5 out of 5 from me thanks to:

  1. High tech features
  2. Ease of use and installation
  3. Line of products
  4. Quality for money

When you think about upgrading your intercom system – make sure you ask around about this one! I’m sure you will love it too!

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