Access Control

The NY Locksmith is a NYC licensed and certified integrator of some of the biggest brands and most advanced technology out in the market today. We install different access control system on a weekly basis and our EXPERIENCE is your GAIN.

What is Access Control?

Access Control is the professional term for any means of controlling who, how and when can access an entry point of a building, an office, a store or any other locations. An access control system usually integrate few different components into it such as a locking device, a credential reader, exit device and many times a software operated controller. 

An example for a 4 doors IP access control system:

Types of locking devices

Each door or ACCESS POINT should have it's own locking device that suits the specific use and requirements of that door. Some doors are better fit to 1 type of locking device and some can have a combination of locking devices for greater security.

Electric Strike

Accommodates different types of latches and cylindrical locks including most Lever sets, Knob sets and Mortise locks.

Magnetic Lock

Uses electricity to create magnetic field in different force levels to lock the door. This device is highly secured and makes a great solution for doors with no locks on them.

Electrified Mortise Lock

A mortise lock that is connected to a power source and let users open the door when it's operated. These locks are usually very resilient and reliable. 

Types of access devices

ACCESS DEVICES are the tools we use to read a user's CREDENTIALS before they gain access to that location. These devices can also monitor and report the traffic through that access point. The NY Locksmith offers a great variety of devices at different levels of security to meet all your needs. 

Proximity Reader

Reads cards, key-fobs or other types of credentials and works on different types of technology like Magnetic, NFC, RF and others.

Bio-Metric Reader

Bio-metric readers scan user's fingerprints to determine who's requesting access. These readers offer high security solution to security tight environments. 

Numeric Keypad

A keypad is a great solution to small setups where only a couple of users need access to a certain location. Access codes can be personal or shared by number of people.

Control panels

The CONTROL PANEL is the "brain" of the system, the piece that connects all the dots and turns all the wheels. Some controllers are software operated and some not, some are are cloud managed and some local.  Different setups require different controller capabilities. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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